Forever Families is a Texas licensed private non-profit corporation. Our goal is to find permanent families for children through adoption and provide short or long term homes for children in foster care. We provide services in foster home settings for dependent, neglected, adjudicated, delinquent, and maladjusted children – ages birth to 18. Our experienced staff has worked together to build a reputation of quality service. Specializing in Adoption and Foster Care, we are dedicated to matching children with families that last forever.

What is Home and Community Based Services (HCS) and texas Home Living (TxHml)?

HCS is a Medicaid Waiver Program approved by the Health Care Financing Administration pursuant to 1915c of the Social Services Act. It provides services and supports to eligible individuals with mental retardation or related conditions an alternative to placement in a state hospital or nursing home setting. Services are provided to persons living in their families home, their own homes, foster or other community settings such as small group homes where no more than four persons live.

How do i change providers if I’m already in the program?

HCS principles state that you always have the option to transfer or choose another program provider. Contact your Case Manager and inform them of your choose. We will arrange to meet with you to discuss your needs, choices, and services.




After School Program for Children with Disabilities 

Respite Care   

Foster Care


Minor Home Modification

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