A direct cash contribution is simplest for many people, however other methods may be more convenient and may enable you to make a larger gift.
Make a pledge payable in installments. A reminder can be sent to you from Forever Families at intervals convenient for you.
Many employers will match contributions of their employees, spouses or retirees. Check with your human resources manager to obtain a donation form.
If you give to United Way, you may designate Forever Families Services on the donor choice form to receive all or a portion of your gift.
If you have life insurance that is no longer needed, you can name this organization as sole or partial beneficiary.
In addition to providing for family or friends, a will can also be a means of making tax-deductible gifts to charitable organizations. A gift by a will is a bequest.
If you have already written a will and would like to add a provision for Forever Families without rewriting the entire document, you may be able to do so by means of a codicil.
Gifts of stock may reduce your capital gains tax.
Contributions to Forever Families qualify as charitable deductions for income tax purposes and may help to reduce tax liability. An attorney or financial adviser can provide tax information specific to your situation

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