What is Day Habilitation?

A Forever Families Day Hab is a licensed day activity facility that provides daytime services to people who live in the community as an alternative to living in a nursing home or other institution.  Services, which usually are provided Monday through Friday, address physical, mental, medical and social needs. A setting for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can work on their living skills that may be needed outside the home, in order custom writing service custom writing service to obtain a job, maintaining in the workplace.  The Day Hab offers a setting were well trained staff will assist in order education an all other Day Hab Services. The individual will be in an environment where they will remain busy, get proper breaks , learn and enjoy at the same time. Making every moment a learning experience and happy one. The individuals will go out and participate in recreational activities. Most importantly the individuals will be a part of decision making. We believe this will help extend life skills for everyone and the program will stand out as a choice program.


What services are provided?

• Noon meal and snack

• Nursing and personal care

• Physical rehabilitation

• Social, educational and recreational activities

• Transportation


Who can get services?

• You must have a functional disability related to medical diagnosis

• You must have a medical diagnosis and physician’s order requiring care or supervision.

• You must need help with one or more personal care tasks.

• You must meet these eligibility criteria:

• you must be a Medicaid recipient to get Title XIX services.

• your income and resources may not exceed specified limits to get Title XX services.

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